Visitation Rules

Welcome to the Immigration Museum, located in the building of the former Immigrant Inn in Brás.

Some recommendations should be followed so that you can enjoy your visit:

  1. Elderly, persons with disabilities, pregnant women and people with lap children have preferential access to the ticket office and museum entrance.
  2. Exemption of payment and half-price require the submission of supporting document (letter of the applicant institution, student ID, pay sip of public teacher/officer, ICOM members, Sutaco, Embratur, CET, public cleaning service ID, among others.
  3. It is forbidden to consume any food inside the museum.
  4. The museum has lockers at the reception for backpacks, bags and other items.
  5. Photography and filming are allowed inside the museum, as long as there are no commercial purposes. It is forbidden to use flash.
  6. In order not to compromise the integrity of the collection and the safety of visitors, it is forbidden to touch, sit or lean on objects throughout the exhibition area.
  7. Avoid talking on the phone, screaming and running inside the museum.
  8. It is not allowed to enter in bathing suits, shirtless or without shoes.

The Immigration Museum staff is pleased to welcome you. Enjoy your visit.