Long - term exhibition

Migrar: experiências, memórias e identidades

The long-term exhibition is the main bond and form of communication of the museum with the audience. This is the result of preservation works and research by the Museum and is the mean by which the synthesis of institutional objective and mission is presented to visitors.

Divided into nine modules, the long-term exhibition of the Immigration Museum tells through documents, pictures, videos, testimonials and objects how the migratory process is a permanent phenomenon in the history of humanity. It also provides an overview of the great migration of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, approaching the beginning of immigration policies in the country and detailing the daily routine of the Immigrant Inn.

However, the history of human migration should not be considered as a past-related issue. The Immigration Museum fosters the dialogue about immigrations as a contemporary phenomenon, acknowledging the reception of millions of current immigrants and the repercussion of this shift to the city.